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B's Famous Deviled Eggs

These deviled eggs truly are something else y'all! Deviled eggs always remind me of my mom when she would make them for the holidays! When I was a kid I actually didn't like deviled eggs at all, but as I got older I soon realized this truly is a great appetizer to share with others! It's actually one of the most requested appetizers my fiance asks for quite frequently!

So up your next appetizer dish with these delicious and tasty eggs! I've upgraded this recipe and added in some essentials and extras for the most amazing flavors! The combination of avocado dairy free mayo (primal kitchen mayo), hummus, aioli garlic mustard, and essential spices really knock this recipe out of the park. Topped with turkey bacon for a little extra added protein and you are good to go! With the holidays coming up, this will surely impress your guests.



-A dozen deviled eggs, boiled and separated yolks from egg whites

-2 Tbsp avocado Mayo (@primalkitchen)

-1 Tbsp aioli garlic mustard

-3 Tbsp garlic hummus

-1 tsp salt, pepper, paprika, onion powder, garlic powder

-3 pieces of turkey bacon, crispy & cooked


  1. Mix together boiled egg yolks, avocado Mayo, garlic mustard, hummus, and seasonings together.

  2. In a large ziploc baggy, cut off a small corner piece to create a homemade piping bag. This will make filling your eggwhites mess free!

  3. Fill the eggwhites to the top, and sprinkle a little paprika on top.

  4. Top with crushed turkey bacon! Enjoy!!

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